Sunday, November 16, 2008

Part Four: Evaluation Time (Ulp! Scary. An A? B+? An E! LOL)

The way to evaluate these policy changes would be similar to the ways in which any program is evaluated for its effectiveness and sustainability. Consulting the monthly statistics would be extremely important as this will compose a profile which monitors the checks and balances of all workfare recipients. Then, we could take a look at how other municipalities/geographic areas are coping with the changes. Are there significant outcomes? If so, are these outcomes a result of the new policy or because of other factors? Do additional parameters need to be examined and/or implemented? After this, cross-tabulating would generate an even greater understanding of where the province is at with regard to the changes.

In addition, the recipients themselves would obviously need to be allowed a space to talk about their experiences with these changes. Obtaining this information through counseling records would be unethical and therefore impossible. However, their workers could submit a questionnaire that asks the individual to write down comments on how he or she is doing. Do you have a better sense of confidence in your ability to meet your challenges? Do you feel as though the resources given to you have helped you in meeting those challenges?

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